Staged Reading of 'Evergreen' by Krista Marushy / by Dale Marushy


Collective member Krista Marushy recently won the 2018 Scripts on Fire competition with Fire Exit Theatre for her original play, Evergreen. Come hear a staged reading and participate in new play development!

At the Evergreen, a rural diner off the beaten track, an ex-pastor with a broken marriage takes pains to rebuild his life in a refuge of solitude. But when a secretive young woman divines information a little too close-to-home, a series of coincidences prove particularly meaningful, and two strangers wrestle with the purpose behind their connection and their place in each others' lives.

A story of unexpected intersection and stumbling upon someone who has strength to make you stronger.

Directed by Barrett Hileman
Featuring Travis Friesen, Caylie Kornelson, and Naked Thieves' associate Kelsey Krogman