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The story goes there were two thieves crucified at the same time as Jesus. Two run-of-the-mill criminals experiencing the same pain and beholding the same man between them. One of them criticized Christ, the other defended him. And there, in a nutshell, are the extremes of faith. One sees only circumstances, justifiably absorbed in his own suffering; the other person grasps at transcendence, opening themselves up for redemption.

We're all on a spectrum between those infamous thieves. More often than not, we're both. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes not so much. In Theatre, we celebrate and explore the capacity of the human spirit. Every play is essentially a mystery to see what characters choose in their particular circumstance. We wander alongside, contemplating the consequences, and experience their story as an extension of our own.

Every audience lives in the dark with a similar choice: observe the circumstances or open themselves up to experience. Sometimes it's the storytellers who make the difference. But regardless, neither choice necessarily changes the immediate circumstances of anyone's life. A transcendent moment in the theatre isn't going to pay bills or reconcile a broken marriage. But a quiet moment of understanding can alter a trajectory that might eventually change everything. Daily we are presented with opportunities to see, and be seen, or remain quietly closed off in our own personal survival. As Naked Thieves, we try to encapsulate those moments on stage.

All three men (including Jesus) were naked. Artistic tradition covers him up, but Christ embraced his full humanity and didn't avoid this humiliation. His vulnerability and his broken body was on display. Redemption doesn't come from status or perfection but a shift in perspective. The point isn't to hide or avoid the mistakes, but join the greater collective story we find ourselves in the midst of.

So Naked Thieves returns to the crossroads... Who takes them? Where do they end up? Both thieves are compelling, significant, sympathetic, and guilty. But for one, the story doesn't end there. Which one are we? We strive as artists to put our humanity on display and participate in showing some of the endless possibilities for redemption.

"You remember what Goethe said? No, of course you don't. He said he'd never heard of a crime of which he could not believe himself capable... That's his strength as an artist." - Robertson Davies, World of Wonders.

We see the capacity, and continue to question who we are.